Like Wildfire

by Oneirism

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released May 19, 2017

Music & Lyrics written by George Eracleous
Guitars, Vocals and Additional instruments by George Eracleous
Bass by Miguel Trapezaris
Drums by Constantinos Pavlides

Guitars, Vocals, and Bass Recorded by George Eracleous @ Oneirism Studios
Drums Recorded by Marcos Papageorgiou @ AV Playroom

Mixing and Mastering by George Eracleous @ Oneirism Studios

Special thanks to Andreas Paraschos, Constantinos Pavlides, George Ellinas, George Solonos, Marcos Papageorgiou, Soteris Christou, Stefanos Yiassemides.

Oneirism is:
George Eracleous - Guitars & Vocals
Chris Ioannou - Guitars
Miguel Trapezaris - Bass
Achilleas Vasdekis - Drums



all rights reserved



Oneirism is an Alternative/Experimental rock group stemming from Nicosia, Cyprus.


George Eracleous - Guitars & Vocals
Chris Ioannou - Guitars
Miguel Trapezaris - Bass
Achilleas Vasdekis - Drums
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Track Name: Anxiety
Wretched place is what remains
a she-demon dressed in lace
Seducing, inducing, imposing, controlling

Would you dance with me
Would you die with me
Would you sing with me this anthem of anxiety

Pierce my skin
Make me love this pain
Inject it in me lets unite and die again

Deny me life
So afraid to be
Terrified to see what becomes of me without you seeing

Broken in this place
Happened a while ago
I write I play I sing
Futile attempts of being
Denial a luxury
Reality a dream
Where is this place of promise and tranquility?

You served me well
I stall and don’t communicate
In crowds, I try to hide
My shame and my hate
You made me trust no one
You said that I’m the one


Breathe with me
Track Name: Render Real
Pixelated reality, shared from millions of colors... millions of dollars
Digital locations, digital possessions... what is real anymore

Rendered subjective sights of history, fragile minds lost to apathy

contagious, religious tenacious relentless

contagious, religious tenacious relentless

Silk laced phrases so tender so precious
Enchanting the masses with rendered pictures
Of glorious moments, of wealth and fortunes
That shine so bright through hollow eyes

Substance use since our childhoods
Distorted views of the grandiose
Technicolor dreams while awake
Every day in a sleeper state

contagious, religious tenacious relentless

contagious, religious tenacious relentless
Track Name: Comfortable and Static
We've been here before
Marooned in the heart of the war
Some fights we've lost
We never won
With all things said and all things done

Comfortable and static
Responses fully automatic

Truth is absent in the silence
Masqueraded verbal violence
Broken truths that scar the soul
Ancient tombs that stunt your growth

Comfortable and static
Responses fully automatic
Track Name: Like Wildfire
Tragedy this friend I need
This pill that tastes so bittersweet
That lives inside me
Of everything that stands between
This pit of craze and sanity
A match and gasoline

Suns are now fading
Awakening this beast inside me
The fire seems as pure as life
I breathe it all in smiling, laughing

Tell me why our universe propelled against the sun
Why everything burned down, broken and fucked
Tell me why our scattered selves have bled out all the love
Where do we go from here, do we stand down or run
Track Name: The Silence Resonates
Existing as a passenger
A body in this time
Scheming, interpreting, learning and dying
Somewhere along this trip reality seems to change
Faces and places I've come to know decay

Paths leading solitude towards a grand design
I trudge within a dying kind filled with prying eyes
Fleeting idle memories drowned in past mistakes
Arousing, becoming, taking me away

The silence resonates and my thoughts are clear
A voice within me brings back the fear
The fear of living fear of dying young
An inner conflict that from evil has sprung